professional wedding DJs


Floor Fillers

Our exceptional wedding DJs will ensure that your party has a fabulous atmosphere and a packed dance floor.

There is nothing more disappointing than an empty dance floor at any party but our wedding DJs will never let that happen. They always provide the music that our clients prefer and they are masters of the many different genres. They can read their audiences and always know exactly when a classic floor filler will hit the mark.


Floor fillers are the tracks that few party goers can ignore. The special songs that are guaranteed to lift the party atmosphere to new heights. The winning tunes, both current and classic, that are simply irresistible to enthusiastic dancers.

Our DJs carry an extensive collection of fabulous music for weddings from a variety of genres and the greatest tracks from recent decades. That music will always include the killer tracks that will see even the most reserved guests heading towards that dance floor.

Wedding guests typically span several generations and so will have a variety of musical tastes but there are some songs that almost everybody will know and love. Our experienced and memorable wedding DJs ensure that the music is truly the main event. They can sense the perfect moment for those special songs and will keep all of the guests at the wedding smiling throughout the evening.

Let’s Dance

Wedding music is a genuine art but it is one that our exceptional DJs have certainly mastered. With the best wedding reception music, including favourite floor fillers, our team will guarantee that a wedding party is a night to remember.